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Karner Blue Butterfly Festival

The Karner Blue Butterfly Festival will be held the third Saturday of July. Visit the Karner Blue Butterfly Festival web site for more information. Click here to learn more about the Karner Blue Butterfly.

Black River Area Oktoberfest

The Black River Area Oktoberfest is held the first Saturday of October.  Enjoy music, food, fun, local artisans & crafters along with many other festivities throughout the day. Fest grounds are located at the Sand Creek Brewery on Pierce Street, two blocks south of Downtown Main Street. There are other festivities in around Downtown Main Street.

Christkindl Festival

The Christkindl Festival starts the  first Saturday of December in Downtown Black River Falls.

Christkindl Festival is a enchanting celebration in the spirit of Christmas. A little history about Christkindl; in some European regions, including Germany, they believe in Christkindl, the Christmas Fairy. The belief in Christkindl originated from The Christ Child. On Christmas Eve Christkindl enters homes & decorates the family's Christmas Tree, leaving behind gifts for the children (very similar to Santa Claus). Around the world communities attend Christkindl Markets, where they buy their Christmas decorations, gifts, enjoy local delicatessens & celebrate other festivities.

Some of the events will include; Breakfast with Christkindl & Father Christmas, Christkindl Market with local & regional artisans & crafters, live Reindeer &  Camel exhibit, Children activities, festive entertainment with local & area talent & performers, Christkindl & Father Christmas coronations, horse drawn wagon rides, visit from Santa, Mrs. Claus, evening lighted parade with Children's lantern parade & much more. For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to go to the Christkindl Festival page.

Museums, History Room & Sand Creek Brewery

Old Carnegie Library Museum at 321 Main Street, Old Van Schaick Photo Gallery Museum at 13 North 1st Street, Black River Falls Library History Room at 222 Filmore Street, and the Sand Creek Brewery at 2 blocks off Main Street on Pierce Street.

Field of Honor & Veterans Park

This Field of Honor is a Memorial as a lasting tribute to those men and women who have served our country in war and peace. Those who survived were forever changed. Those who died were forever young in their loved one's memories. Also the Karner Blue Butterfly Garden Club has the Freedom Steps garden (old stone ballpark bleachers transformed into a beatiful tiered garden) and several other beautiful gardens throughout the park.

Downtown Gardens and Hanging Flower Baskets

Thanks to the Karner Blue Butterfly Garden Club who beautifies our Downtown and City with beautiful gardens and hanging flower baskets on Main Street.

Historic Murals

Explore Black River Falls and Jackson County history through beautiful murals painted by local artist, Susan Sampson. Check out the Historic Murals page for more information.

The Downtown Vision

The Black River Falls Downtown Association will actively encourage the maintenance and development of elements which will enhance the economic and social strength and boost natural historic characteristics downtown. We will work together with city government and area community organizations for a successful, unified future.

The Downtown Mission

The Black River Falls Downtown Association will retain and enhance the economic and physical assets of our downtown, address issues systematically, and provide measurable success through organization, design, economic restructuring and promotion.

Please contact us for more information.

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